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Weíre Not What You Think We Are
UN Intelligence: Detachment Gamma

"Sure. Youíve got the Valkyrie pilots out there, flying those fabulous planes and generally kicking some ass. But they come from ships, like the UNS Etrakis and those ships are staffed by hundreds, even thousands of enlisted personnel and officers, all capable of unleashing the gates of Hell itself if necessary to achieve a certain goal. Again, a good group of people doing their jobs and doing it well. And, of course, you have the Marines who are fanatic about, well, among other things about being Marines, but they also do a pretty good job of blowing the fuck out of whatever target happens to be needing it at any given time.

"But how do those ships, with their Valkyrie pilots, staffed with those enlisted personnel and officers, all primed to unleash all of that firepower and also ready to send in those Marines, tell me, how the hell do they know where to go and what to do and what to fire at? A little fairy doesnít come and whisper in some Admiralís fucking ear, thatís for damn sure. It doesn't come to some general in a vision. No. The answer to that question, dear sir, is us.

"Call us 'Ďadvanced recon' or 'forward elements' or 'spec ops' or whatever the fuck you want to call us to help you feel better at night. We sure as hell donít care, but you better not call us a fucking oxymoron. Because without UN Intelligence, all of that firepower, all of those people on board those ships holding the collective leash of those roughnecks, it's all wasted without a fucking target. Information, dear sir, is the biggest and the best fucking weapon you can have and we're the ones who get that for you."

--Unidentified UN Intelligence Sergeant

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