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"The end of the Space War I brought with it the near extinction of life on Earth. None can claim that a lasting impression and humility were not bestowed upon the human race that day. It was a travesty, a difficult and fearsome lesson, and it is imperative we never give any enemy the chance of making good on such genocide again. Sound Force, stationed aboard the twelfth of the New Macross long-range colonization missions, is our guarantee against the recurrence of that travesty. The pilots of Sound Force also represent something else, a power that was lost when Minmay disappeared into the stars forever. That power is the power of culture, the power of music, to reach out, touch, and empower all who can hear it. One might think their mecha are awfully silly, but trust me, there is nothing silly about this group, nor its lofty purpose and esteemed place in the U.N."

- Hellfire, AMRN Admin