Record of Lodoss War RPG

It has been one thousand years since Kastuul, the Kingdom of Sorcery, fell in a fiery cataclysm. From then on, many wars, both known and forgotten, ravaged the tiny continent of Lodoss. With the final defeat of the fell armies of Marmo, the mortal enemy of Lodoss, came a centuries-long peace finally unmarred by the conflicts that had long gripped the land.

The peace was not to last. On a distant continent, whispered only as the Land of Chaos, a new darkness grew. Though none knew it yet, a new evil had ambitions far too large for the Lands of Chaos to contain. One by one, every land of Forceria fell into twilight as men readied themselves for battle. Lodoss, the Cursed Island, found itself once again preparing for war.

The mightiest heroes of Lodoss, joined by the mightiest adventurers from lands near and far, have answered the call to battle. In their hands alone lies the fate of the entire world. Whether Lodoss is lost in an eternal night or not will be decided by the few chosen to be the salvation of Lodoss and all lands of beyond.

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