General Joining Guidelines - Last update 2004.05.23 errors/omissions


Please check the menu to the left for the game you wish to join. If the game has its own web page, please go to that page and follow the instructions for joining there. If the game you wish to join does not have its own web page and joining standards, please use the following guidelines and then email the character sheet directly to the GM of the game you wish to join. (See the Staff Page for the names and email addresses of all our GMs.) All character sheets must be submitted in .txt, HTML, or email format. Word documents are not accepted due to the danger of viruses.

KEEP A COPY OF YOUR CHARACTER SHEET. It is recommended that as time passes in the game and your character's history grows, you add these occurrences to your character sheet.

Your character sheet must be completely filled out before you submit your character. Fuzion stats (in teal) are recommended, but not required.



  • Player Name/Internet Alias: (what would you like us to call you?)
  • Player Email Address: (your email address must be valid and permanent, or you will not be allowed to play)

IN CHARACTER INFORMATION (what other characters know about your character):

  • Appearance and General Statistics
    • Name:
    • Age:
    • Gender:
    • Lineage:
    • Hair Color:
    • Hair Style:
    • Eye Color:
    • Height:
    • Weight:
    • Build:
    • PRE:
    • DEX:
    • STR:
    • BODY:
    • Distinguishing Features: (tattoos, measurements, scars, etc.)
    • Birthdate:
    • Birthplace:
    • Blood Type:
    • Marital Status:
    • Address:
    • Occupation:
  • Dossier (for military characters only)
    • Rank:
    • Branch of Military:
    • Current Assignment:
    • Affiliation: (i.e., squadron or group name)
    • Position:
    • Callsign:
    • Brief Service History:
    • Additional Information: (disciplinary problems, etc.)

OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION (what only you and your GM know about your character):

  • Life and Personality
    • Interests:
    • Goals in Life:
    • Extended Family Information: (parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, and important friends)
    • Character History: (This should be the longest part of your character sheet. Describe your character's life, including moments that have shaped who your character is.)
  • Characteristics (go here if you need help creating your character's Fuzion stats; if you are not making stats, please describe here your character's mental and physical abilities.)
    • INT:
    • WILL:
    • TECH:
    • REF:
    • CON:
    • MOVE:
    • SDC Light:
    • SDC Medium:
    • SDC Heavy:
    • SDC Critical:
    • SDC Terminal:
    • HDC Light:
    • HDC Medium:
    • HDC Heavy:
    • HDC Critical:
    • HDC Terminal:
    • SD:
    • REC:
    • RUN:
    • SPRINT:
    • SWIM:
    • LEAP:
    • LUCK:
    • ED:
    • HUM:
    • MR:
    • MA:
  • Skills (go here if you need help creating your character's Fuzion stats; if you are not making stats, please describe here the kinds of things your character is able to do.)
    • Starting OP:
    • Complications:
    • Perception:
    • Concentration:
    • Education:
    • Persuasion:
    • Athletics:
    • Teacher:
    • Local Expert:
    • Hand-to-Hand:
    • Hand-to-Hand Evade:
    • General Skills: (please use a list format, and don't forget the values for each skill!)
    • Talents: (please use a list format, and don't forget the level for each talent!)
    • Perks and Privileges:
    • Gear and Equipment:
    • Martial Arts: (if any; click here for help)

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask our Staff either through email or on the AMRN's IRC channel.

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Rules originally written by: Mute
Expanded upon by: Hellfire
Edited by: Illusion