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Welcome to the homepage of the Anime-Manga Roleplaying Network's official IRC channel. By joining our channel, you are indicating your understanding and acceptance of the following terms:


It is unfortunate that the above disclaimer had to be added to this page, but that's what happens when enough people who can't read come in and type !list.

To join the chat, simply connect to a Rizon server and type /join #amrn. If you're new to IRC, you will need an IRC client. mIRC is good for beginners. A brief tutorial on how to use mIRC to get to #amrn follows below. For more help with IRC, please visit the Internet Relay Chat Help Archive.

Connecting to #amrn with mIRC

Run mIRC. When the program opens, you should see a large, empty white box window (known as the Status Menu), and a configuration menu in the upper left hand corner. (If this is your first time running mIRC, you may also see an "About mIRC" box; simply click "Continue" or "Close" to remove this box.)

Change the following information in the configuration menu. You will not need to change anything else. (To see the full screenshots, simply click the pictures below.)

The first place to change settings is the Connect category:

You do not have to put your real name in the "Full Name" box, and it is suggested that you not do so, because everyone using IRC will be able to see whatever you put in this box. However, you may have trouble connecting if you do not have a long Full Name (at least two words), so keep this in mind.

For your "Nickname", use the name you wish to be known by on IRC. The best choice is the username you use on the AMRN; for example, Foreman uses the nick Foreman on IRC, Mr. Justice uses the nick MrJustice, etc. Note that you cannot use special characters or spaces in a nickname. You may use letters, numbers, the dash, and the underscore.

The "Alternative" is the name you will use if someone else connected to the network is already using what you chose for your nickname. Be sure to put something here!

Once you are finished in the "Connect" menu, move to the "Connect: Servers" menu:

"Rizon" should already exist in the "IRC Network" drop down menu. Open the folder and pick "Random Server".

Once you are finished changing these settings, click on the "Connect To Server" button. The options box will disappear entirely, and text will appear in the Status Window indicating that you are logging in. If this is your first time using mIRC, the Favorites menu will probably pop up:

Uncheck the box that says "Pop up favorites on connect", then close the window by clicking "OK". You will have no need to use this unless you visit more than a handful of channels on Rizon.

Your screen will look something like this. Your local host and IP address should show up in the "Local host:" area, and you will also see Rizon's welcome message and the Message of the Day. If you see a message in red stating "This nickname is owned by someone else", then you will need to choose a different nickname. You do not have to disconnect to do this; simply type: /nick NewName

(Please note that the mIRC client used to create this tutorial has a different color scheme than the default. The settings and connection options are the same, but the background is black and the text is white. Default mIRC settings use the opposite. If you want to change your colors, click the Colors icon in the menu along the top of the program. It looks like crayons.)

Now you're ready to come to the chat!

Type the above in the Status Window and hit enter. A new window with the AMRN's IRC channel will pop up.

And that's it!

Once you are comfortable with connecting and joining the channel, there are many advanced things you can do on IRC. You can have private chats, and you can send and receive files.

You can also register the nickname you've decided to use so that no one else can use it. This is a function of the Rizon server and is not something you can do directly with mIRC. Instead, you will have to send messages to Rizon's "bot" (a program that handles these functions), NickServ. To find out how to register your nick, type: /msg nickserv help register

If you need help with these advanced functions, ask in the chat and someone will be glad to help you. There are also plenty of tutorials online that you can find using Google.


#amrn is a place for members and prospective members of the Anime-Manga Roleplaying Network to meet and discuss the game, anime, and life in general. The chat is a free service brought to you by the good people at Rizon and by your AMRN Administrators. In general, the chat is unmoderated and open. However, if you are judged to be a disturbance rather than an asset to the chat community, you may not be welcome in the chat anymore. Please try to stay civil and friendly so that this won't be an issue.



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Yet people are still too lazy to sign on.

Fri Feb 24, 03:30:50 AM EST  

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