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New Requirements for AMRN Game Masters



First and foremost, commitment. A GM must post often to move the game. Extended absences, and long breaks are simply not acceptable. This is a statement of practicality. Real Life does happen, and it can interfere, but as I stated when I became Admin, the game should be a place one goes to because of Real Life, not in spite of it.

Second, an agenda. A GM should have a direction, and a desire to follow it. A good half of the reason we see "GM burn out" is that the GM doesn't have a "plan". A plan doesn't have to be detailed, but it does have to excite the GM. A GM should have burning desire to bring situations to light and see them play out. In short, when asked by the Admin, "Where are you trying to go with this?" the GM should have an answer, and be excited about it.

Third, intrepidity. A GM should be fearless. I don't mean a GM should fear nothing, but a GM should not fear taking action as a GM. No Game world is big enough for more than one GM. This game world has too many players for one GM to handle alone. This means toes are going to get stepped on. A GM must not be afraid of that. A GM must be willing to act even if that means interfering with what another GM is doing.

Which leads to:

Fourth, judgment, and diplomacy. GMs will interact. A GM has to be able to play well with others. This means being able to see when a cherished action will do more harm to fellow GMs than good. This means being able to let go of an idea when it has been invalidated by the actions of another GM. This means being able to reasonably discuss objections, and not assume everything amounts to personal attack.

A few final notes:

Knowledge of the Game System is a requirement. However, the form of the Game System is not yet set. This is an obvious conflict. So GMs are required to be committed to learning the Game System when we have a finalized Game System.

All previous GM titles are null. Official GM designators are now Head GM, GM, and Probationary GM in order of descending authority. From now on, you are either a Game Master or you aren't. All GMs will have full GM powers, subject to review by higher level GMs. Probationary GMs are new GMs and are subject to the most review. GMs are only subject to review by their Head GM or Admin. Head GMs are subject to review by Admin. There will be only one Head GM per Top Level Game. A TLG is defined as a game listed on the discus topics page. Presently there are 3 TLGs. Lodoss, Macross, and Gundam. Lodoss will remain closed until such time as a GM applied to head it.

Any of the terms above may be exempted by the Admin, based on circumstances of the Game. Based on that, I'm officially exempting Gundam, and Vertigo from the 4 main items. This exemption shall remain in effect until such time as it becomes necessary to review them. While Gundam violates pretty much all of the goals I have for the AMRN, the players seem happy with it. Player satisfaction is my primary goal and that is the reason for this exemption clause.

Written by Ironside



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