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New AMRN Administrator



The time has come to pass the torch of Administrator to a highly deserving soul. [Again.] During this latest patch of lackluster posting and dropping out, he has stood firm, refusing to give up on the games. Under his guidance, I believe the AMRN will endure and thrive.

Our very own Ironside has committed himself to taking care of the AMRN from now on. There is no doubt in my mind that he will do an excellent job. Thank you, Ironside, for stepping up to the plate in this time of need.

Ironside will now be the main contact where the games are concerned. This includes both Macross and non-Macross. He will be in charge of board organization and moderation, and he is the one to go to with game-related worries or issues.

Hellfire and I are still the site owners, so if you have questions regarding the website, including advertising, links, or content, those should probably go to me. Game-related content will be up to Ironside and the GMs. GMs, if you need any of this sort of material uploaded to the site, send it to me for uploading.

Congratulations, Ironside! Thank you for taking on this responsibility. I am very pleased to leave the AMRN in your capable hands.

Heather (Illusion)
Former Administrator, AMRN



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