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General Joining Guidelines



Welcome to the Anime-Manga Roleplaying Network!

Check out our games here. Game boards are open for all to read. See if there's anything that interests you!

If you decide you want to join a game, great! The first thing you will need to do is create a Player account.

Click here to be taken to the registration page. You will need at minimum to fill out the Username, Password, Full Name, and Email sections. The Username is a nickname for you, and should probably just be one word. No spaces are allowed, though we have had some people use an underscore for this purpose. The Full Name can be your real name, or a longer nickname; it can include spaces. Under Groups, select "Player".

You are free to fill out the Personal Profile Information if you wish, but this is not required. (Some of the sections of the Personal Profile may seem confusing; this is because the same type of user accounts are used for brief character sheets for Characters.)

Your account information will be sent to your email address as soon as your account is approved.

Once you have a Player account, you will be able to post on the boards. Feel free to join in any of the discussion on the General Discussion board or the Free Play Area, and you may also post on the OOC thread of the game you wish to join to let players and GMs know of your intent to join.

The next step is to create a character. For all games except the Free Play Area, characters must be approved by the game's GM before they can start posting in the game. Click here to start creating your character.

Once your character has been approved, you can register a new account for that character in the group where that character will play. In this case, the Full Name will be the full name of your character, and the Username will be a nickname for that character. In games where you play a pilot, it's useful to use the Username for your character's callsign/nickname.

After you have your character's account, you're ready to play! Your GM will let you know when and where to start posting.

Useful Links

Creating a Character, Part 1 (Who Is Your Character?)
Creating a Character, Part 2 (What Can Your Character Do?)
Submitting Your Character
Posting Standards and Etiquette
Frequently Asked Questions



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