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Macross Limerick Contest WINNERS!



I told you guys I would announce a winner for this! Sure it took four months, but hey!

(At least I didn't wait until 2004, right? ^^;;)

In this purely subjective contest, I picked the limericks that I liked the best based on content and on how the story flowed. I wasn't too stringent about beat-counting; if it sounded remotely like a limerick, it was fine in my book. I only judged limericks that were Macross-based, since that was part of the rules.

Before I get to the winners, I would like to spotlight one OOC limerick by Drizzt o Durden that I found quite amusing:

I love all the limericks, you see,
be they good or annoying to me,
I try for proper beat,
but fall back on my seat,
For I can never get the right form on the very last line.

And now, on to the winners!

In second place, for being original and for telling a funny story, is the following limerick by Drizzt o Durden:

The Tinker with parts he had got
Made mods that he probly should not
The oversized blasters
Mounted on casters
Blew up and reduced him to snot

And in first place...we have a three-way tie! For writing hilarious limericks that comment on one of our game's most clichéd recurring subplots, the following limericks, by Barricade, Drizzt o Durden, and Foreman, respectively, are our winners:

Macross 12 was filled with elites
Yet were aching from several defeats
Then came the Lima Beans
Who served up some spicy scenes
As they all ended up under the sheets

Being nominally called a team,
'Fire was eclectic, eccentric, and ill seem'd.
But wasn't it great
Wingmates start to date
Now they kick tail like a dream.

There once was a pilot named Cookie,
Who to the squad was a rookie.
But the day was done
And the battle won
So now it is time for some nookie.

As I mentioned, I'll be giving each winner a Macross-related prize. I will be contacting each winner individually to work out the details (wouldn't want to give someone something they already have, would I?).

Congratulations to our winners!



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