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Macross Limerick Contest



It's been awhile since we had a contest around here, and since I'm feeling generous...I'd like to give you all the chance to win some Macross-related stuff. (What exactly that stuff will be remains to be determined. Expect something digital though.)

What do you have to do to win this contest? Easy: Write the BEST MACROSS LIMERICK EVER.

It can be related to one of the Macross series, video games, or mangas...and hell, you can include Macross II, because I'm in a good mood today. Characters and events in our own Macross 2051 games are also fair game.

So what's a limerick? Well, here is an example, spouted by our very own Phantom during a posting frenzy on IRC:

There once was a guy named Dyson
Who thought he could fight better than Tyson
Got in a fight with Guld
But was knocked out cold
And ended up served as roast bison.

Please, write something better than that. ;)

The only rules are: 1) Keep to a standard limerick rhyming and beat pattern; and 2) Try to keep it PG-13 or below.

May the contest begin!



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