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Revamp of Macross 2051 Website



Time off? Hah!

Since stepping down as Macross 2051 Admin, I've been spending my time working on the Macross 2051 website. I have created an entirely new design for the site that should make it much easier to add new content, and hopefully also easier to find what's already there. You'll note that several new sections have been added, mostly story-centered. I'm hoping that hosting information from various character sheets in a central location will encourage players to establish ties among their characters and bring a depth to the plotlines that has only been hinted at so far.

In order to make this site a success, I will need input from all of you. Many of the sections are incomplete, and will stay that way without information. Here's how you can help:

First, you'll notice that there is a random quote in the top right hand corner. Unfortunately, there are only four quotes cycling so far. Please give me some quote suggestions! Macross canon quotes only, please (no Macross II; sorry). You may definitely include quotes from Macross 2051 characters, and I encourage that; just be sure to give me the full name of the character and the board the character is from.

Second, I need all of you to look over the People, Places, Governments, Corporations, and Syndicates areas. If you believe that your character or something from your character history should be listed in any of those sections, please email me and let me know! The richer the game universe can be, the better.

Third, there are some general things that really need to be fleshed out, like Hobbies and Equipment. Carver is working on a list of firearms for our use, so that will be a great help, but really, anything goes as far as equipment is concerned. What have you seen in Macross that you think should make the list? It would be great if you have pictures, but just a description is fine too. And the old Uniforms section, as always, needs more data.

GMs, you'll notice there is now a News section. That's there for you. Write up, or get someone else to write up, whatever, some brief news stories about what's happening on your boards, and I'll stick them up. Information that applies to all of the Macross games can go there too. With a little collaboration, we could really get some good background going.

Finally, is there anything you would all like to see beyond the sections that are already listed? Anything that can make this Macross 2051 Sourcebook better would be fantastic.



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