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New Macross 2051 Admin; Site Changes to Come



As of today, I am resigning my position as Macross 2051 Admin to focus on my site and cross-game responsibilities. With my attention free to concentrate on improving the website and the AMRN as a whole, I will finally set about fixing and completing things that have been left undone for too long. On the agenda are revising and improving the Fuzion guidelines and the Players Handbooks, and incorporating new content that will supplement the games. I'm also looking forward to reenstating some fun but languishing features, such as the Caption Contest and IRC Stats.

I have assigned Vertigo the task of finalizing the Fuzion system; once his work is complete, I will incorporate it into the website in a more intuitive way, so that hopefully everyone will have an easy time understanding Fuzion.

Shade has accepted his appointment as new Macross 2051 Admin. This means that all questions and concerns from GMs and players alike involving Macross canon and mecha should now be directed to him. Shade is also tasked with ensuring that the Macross 2051 games are consistent with one another.

There are some exciting things in store for the AMRN. We hope you enjoy them.



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