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Caption Contest



Welcome to the AMRN's Caption Contest! This contest is held on a Whenever-Heather-Feels-Like-It basis. Read about past contests below, or check out the Rules.

Past ContestsRules

The contest is open to players and GMs of the AMRN only. Administration is not eligible. Ineligible people may post captions, but their submissions will not be entered into the judging.

Each individual is allowed to submit as many captions as he/she wants during submission time. However, for the sake of clarity, contestants are asked to place each individual caption in its own post.

Judging will take place after submission time is over. How long submission time lasts is arbitrary, depending on the rate of submissions. All judging will be done by Heather.

Winning captions will be those that are deemed the most creative and funny and that are closely related to the picture. Captions that are offshoots of someone else's caption or that only vaguely have ties to the image in question are not likely to win. Repeats and rewordings will be disqualified.

Prizes will vary based on the picture in question and based on the prizes a winner has received in the past.



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